About TIE

Total Immersion Experience or TIE
The first time I set foot in a foreign country where I could speak the language, there was a feeling of exhilaration of putting myself out there. It is a feeling that I still get to this day when I am in a foreign country, I have the power to communicate, and unlock opportunities otherwise denied to me because of language barriers.

I believe that no matter what your language skill, that with simple basic phrases, one can form strong connections, explore cultural meaning, and create deeper understandings of a community- every individual can be a cultural ambassador- but having the opportunities to develop this skill are limited.

Total Immersion Experience or TIE was founded to create that opportunity- that each and every student that participates in a TIE program will take the first steps of leaving their comfort zone and will leave a TIE program as a cultural ambassador with a newly found connection to a community thousands of miles from their own home and a new found concept of themselves within a global context.

Meet Our Team

Andrew Stanoch – Founder/Executive Director

Andrew began his love of foreign languages and cultures at a very young age.  His passion grew into a desire to work with students from around the world, creating exchange opportunities, and helping to inspire future generations of global citizens.

After graduation from The American University of Paris, double majoring in International Affairs and History, Andrew spent time as a cross cultural communications consultant with Athena Group International. While at Athena, he worked with major brands such as Yoplait and Haagen Dazs in France and China.

Andrew Stanoch – Founder/Executive Director</p>
In 2010, Andrew moved to China as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English Majors at Zunyi Normal College in Guizhou Province. After returning from the Peace Corps, Andrew served for 3 years as the Director of Extended Learning at Washington Yu Ying PCS and piloted his first exchange programs bringing forty, 5th graders to rural Guizhou.
TIE is Andrew’s vision of what immersion programs should consist of: no standard programs – instead, direct, unique experiences, found only when one is willing to take the risk and participate in a total immersion program and take the first steps of becoming a global citizen.
Andy Teumer – Education Director<br />
Andy Teumer – Education Director
Andy’s interest in travel, history, and international education began at a young age when his family moved to London. Since then, he has sought adventure all over the world, whether working on a fish farm in Brazil, studying social work in Ghana, or serving for two years in the Peace Corps in Guizhou, China.
After Peace Corps, Andy completed his MA in Chinese History at the University of Utah. Since then, he’s continued his commitment to education and service learning as a high school history teacher in the Salt Lake Valley.
His passion is in crafting authentic and meaningful intercultural and service-learning experiences for young people, for he knows first hand the transformative power of these experiences.