Total Immersion Experience

(TIE) was founded by educators and Peace Corps volunteers who served in China. For the last 6 years we have strived to provide international educational experiences that breakthrough the tourist threshold.

Why Total Immersion Experience (TIE)?

At TIE, it is our passion to share and inspire through our stories. We empower young people to find their voice and begin to write their own stories through the experiences they will have when exploring with us.

Whether eating a bowl of noodles or creating a life changing connection with a host family, it is our goal, that through these and the many experiences on a TIE program, students are able to bridge pathways of peace and visualize themselves and their community in a global context.

TIE Mission

TIE Mission

At TIE we believe that language immersion and the deeper understanding of another’s country and home opens paths of peace, mutual respect, and global friendship.It is our goal that every student who participates in a TIE program:


  • Has a greater understanding of the target language, and the culture they are immersing themselves in.
  • Develops awareness of complex situations, and issues, from which they are able to reevaluate themselves in a global context.
  • Becomes an ambassador both for their home culture, as well as for the Chinese culture upon returning to the US.

What We Do

TIE is a language immersion and educational travel program.  At TIE we focus on creating authentic exchange, making connections, and encouraging the needed flexibility to become a global citizen of the 21st century.

What We Do
What to expect from a TIE program

What to expect from a TIE program

  • A unique 14-30 day language immersion, and cultural exchange program in China
  • A 5-30 day homestay with a local family from a well-established partner school. Each TIE scholar will be paired with a family that has a child the same age and gender.  All TIE scholars will also have the opportunity to host their Chinese brother or sister in the USA.
  • An accompanying TIE program guide will act as educator, tour operator, and on the ground logistical support for all programs. (1 TIE guide per 10 students)


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